Introducing Training Programs: A New Way to Work Out  

Seeing results is part of what makes fitness fun. That’s why we’re excited to announce our curated training programs, featuring over 70 brand-new workouts designed to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your 5K time, strengthen your lower body or build long, lean muscles, our coaches have a program for you.

4 Weeks to 5K

Kelli Fierras, a certified running coach, guides you through four weeks’ worth of running and strength-training workouts designed to get you ready to reach your 5K goal.


Great for: Well-rounded 5K training—this is more than run/walk intervals!

Lean Machine

Join trainer Colin Batty for a four-week program focused on toning up and slimming down. The plan includes a combination of strength training and cardio to build long, lean muscles—just in time for summer.

Great for: Variety seekers—every week has an even mix of strength training and cardio


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) alternates quick bursts of energy and movement with short rest periods. This eight-week program with Coach Ian Kilpatrick will help provide structure to your workouts and build up your stamina and strength.

Great for: Committing to a change and building a sustained routine

Everything Butt

Join trainer Sarah Gaines for four lower-body building weeks of workouts designed to get your backside strong and toned.

Great for: Busy schedules—this month-long plan only requires two workouts a week

5 Weeks to 10K

In just five weeks, Coach Kelli will get you ready to tackle your 10K goal—whether it’s setting a new PR or to simply crossing the finish line.

Great for: Building endurance for longer runs

More training programs are on the way—to join one, update the ASICS Studio app today. Happy sweating!